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The Charrière Family – A family on the move.


  • I’m from Québec City, Canada.
  • He’s from Jura, Switzerland.
  • Our three children are from Victoriaville, Canada.

But somehow, we all live in beautiful British Columbia. 4000km away from my hometown and 8000km from his.

Since we’ve met, Pierre and I have been moving all over the province of Québec. From the small town of Jonquière where we met to the big metropolis of Montréal where I had my first job. Then we got married and left everything to move to the country of St-Norbert where we wanted to have a family.

Years later, once our family was complete, we were surprised by this desire to move again. But this time, to the other side of the country where my husband’s brothers were raising their families. So we took our three children, Arielle 4 years old, Zack 2 years old and Chloé 3 months old and we moved 4000km to the West.

You can read more about this big move here. (Warning: it’s my old blog and it’s all in French 😉 ) But in short, we were afraid to move that far with 3 young children so we put everything in God’s hands, trusting that He would provide with a new job and a new house and He absolutely did! This whole experience showed us a glimpse of what a life of faith can be. What real freedom is like.

What about now? Well, we’ve been living in Chilliwack, BC, Canada for almost 3 years now and we love it! We even think we might be here to stay! But there is a joy in not knowing what tomorrow will bring…

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